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What is the high quality steel pipe heating equipment?

What is the high quality steel pipe heating equipment?

Heating is a process  which is used to heat the steel pipe to a certain temperature for the next production process. For many modern manufacturing processes, induction heating offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency and control. YuanTuo furnace company supply the high quality steel pipe heating equipment.

The main advantages of the Steel Pipe Heating Equipment:

1. Easy installation: Once the power supply , induction coil and water supply pipe and rising pipe be connected well then the equipment can    work.

2. Easy operation:The staff can learn to operate it within short time.

3. Fast heating speed: The minimum heating time is less than 1 second (The heating speed is adjustable).

4. Fast start-up: The equipment can be started to  heat operation once the  water and power supply is available.

5. Low power consumption: As compared with conventional vacuum tube high frequency equipment, it can save the power by    approximately 70%. 

6. High effectiveness: it has such features as uniform heating (it is applicable to adjust the spacing of the induction coil to ensure the appropriate temperature as required by each part of work piece), fast warming and limited oxic horizon.

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Post time: 07-27-2016