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What is the principle of the induction power supply of the IGBT module in the complete set of induction heating equipment?

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Today, the remote electromechanical will tell you about the IGBT module in the induction heating power supply; The IGBT module has three terminals, G, D, S, and the internal electrons transfer after the voltage is added at both ends of the G and S (the characteristics of semiconductor materials, which is why semiconductor materials are used as power electronic switches). Originally, positive and negative ions correspond one by one, semiconductor materials are neutral, but when the voltage is added, electrons accumulate to one side under the action of voltage and form a layer of conductive channel, because electrons can conduct electricity and become conductors. If the voltage added to the GS is removed, the conductive channel disappears and becomes an insulator. If a positive driving voltage is added between the gate and emitter of the IGB module T, the MOSFET is turned on, so that the collector and the base of the PNP transistor are in a low resistance state so that the transistor is on. If the voltage between the gate and emitter of the IGBT is 0 V, the MOSFET cutoff cuts off the supply of the base current of the PNP transistor, which makes the transistor cut off. The function of the IGBTs module is simply to realize the inverter function and turn the direct current into controllable alternating current.

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