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What is the purpose of surface heat treatment? See the industry experts for your analysis!

1.High carbon martensite hardening layer can be obtained by Carburizing and quenching of steel parts, and diffusion hardening layer of alloy nitride can be obtained by nitriding method for alloy steel parts. The metal surface heat treatment parts obtained by these two methods can reach HRC58~62 and HV800~1200. respectively. Another way is to form anti-wear film on the surface of steel parts to improve the friction conditions, so as to improve the wear resistance. For example, Fe _ 2O _ 4 thin films produced by steam treatment have anti-bonding effect, and ferrous sulfide films can be obtained by surface vulcanization, which has both anti-wear and anti-bonding effects. In recent years, multi-element co-infiltration technology, such as oxygen-nitriding, sulfur-nitriding, carbon-nitrogen-sulfur-oxygen-boron five-element co-infiltration, can form high hardness diffusion layer and anti-adhesion or antiwear film at the same time, which can effectively improve the wear resistance of the parts. In particular, the resistance to bond wear.


2. The methods of increasing fatigue strength carburization, nitriding, soft nitriding and carbonitriding can make the steel parts form residual compressive stress on the surface of the parts while strengthening the surface, and effectively improve the fatigue strength of the parts. improve the corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance of the parts, for example, nitriding can improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the parts; After aluminizing, chromizing and siliconizing, the steel parts react with oxygen or corrosion medium to form a dense and stable Al2O3,Cr2O3,SiO2 protective film to improve the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperature.

Usually, steel hardening is accompanied by brittleness. When the surface hardening method is used to improve the surface hardness, it can still keep the core in a better toughness state, so it can solve the contradiction between hardening and toughness of steel parts better than the whole quenching hardening method of parts. Chemical heat treatment changes the chemical composition and microstructure of steel surface at the same time, so it is better than high medium frequency induction, flame quenching and other surface hardening methods. If the infiltration element selection is appropriate, the surface layer can be obtained to meet the multi-performance requirements of the part.

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