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Where can give long-term service for billet heating furnace?

Where can give long-term service for billet heating furnace?

When you buy want to buy the billet heating furnace, what are you most concerned about? Of course, the price of billet heating furnace is the most concerned. What about the factory service and other issues? However, Forever want to tell you that the service is also very important, such as technical services, spare parts services, installation and commissioning services. If your supplier does not have a strong service on billet heating furnace, you will have trouble in the future.

Having 14 years of industry focus, strong scientific research and innovation capabilities, Forever can not only provide you with quality billet heating furnace but also give cost effective solution for your induction billet heater project. Choose us, we will give you the discount directly, because our products are factory-made, research and development, design and put into production.

Billet heating furnace has the following advantages:

1.The heating temperature is high, also non-contact heating, making the billet heated more evenly.
2.Well-designed induction billet heater with high heating efficiency, heating speed, easy to control the temperature.
3. According to customer demand, the billet heating furnace can achieve local heating for through heating;
4.The whole billet heating furnace has high precision for the billet heating furnace and automatic intelligent control;
5. Good working environment, no pollution, low energy consumption;
6. Billet heating furnace occupies less land, high production efficiency;
7.The workpiece is easy to heat evenly, the product quality is good;
8. We can be configured according to user needs with low-voltage distribution cabinets, closed cooling towers and so on.
We can provide you with technology and services:

• We can provide professional solutions and design for each user.
• We can design a special match for each user’s power supply.
• In many cases, we are able to meet the user’s production needs with more cost-effective induction billet heater.
• We can provide constructive references and suggestions for improving your production process.
• We guarantee reliable operation of each billet heating furnace over its useful life.
• Our extensive application experience also helps solve problems in the area of induction heating.


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