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Which furnace is more suitable for heating steel bar ?

                                   Which furnace is more suitable for heating steel bar ?
Generally speaking .there are two kinds of furnace: induction heating furnace and gas heating furnace to heat the steel bar .Now  our team —-Forever furnace company wants to introduce steel bar induction heating furnace.
Benefits of Forever furnace company steel bar induction heating furnace:
1.Easily  installation.
When using our company’s steel bar induction heating furnace,water automatically switch on the power; turn off the water automatically disconnect the power supply. The body is small and exquisite, convenient installation and simple. Using microcomputer control, digital display and simple power regulation, the water temperature is constant which can be used continuously.
By the external magnetic field induction heating, and water line has no connection with any circuit -the real separation of water and electricity, and with multiple protection devices to ensure the using reliability .
3.Environmental protection.
It will not produce harmful gases,noise when the equipment working.It is pollution-free green products which is in line with the current trend of the world.
4. High efficiency and energy saving.
Original electromagnetic heat type structure;fast heating; without preheating; The electrical energy can be made full use .

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Post time: 04-19-2016