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why choose YuanTuo’s sucker rod heat treatment equipment?

why choose Forever’s sucker rod heat treatment equipment?

YuanTuo furnace company  is a professional manufacturer of induction heat treating equipment.Sucker  heat treatment equipment is a typical product of the heat treatment equipment. Our company’s sucker  rod heat treatment equipment  generally consist of the material storage frame, transport means, the quenching heating module, tempering module, center console and automatic control system.

Main several reasons for choosing Forever furnace company’s sucker rod heat treatment equipment :
1.YuanTuo furnace company has a professional technical team, according to the customer’s requirements to design more economical and more energy-efficient induction heating equipment.

2.Our company has a strong after-sales service team, within 24 hours to reach the site for users to solve problems  of our equipment.Within 48 hours to solve technical problems for other’s equipment,

3.YuanTuo furnace company specializing in induction heating and induction heat treatment to manufacture the professional equipment and try best to provide users with the most professional induction heat treatment equipment.

4.Our company own the professional accessories buyer.All the main device chosen from best foreign manufacturers to make sure that users to use induction heating equipment more stable, longer life induction heat treatment equipment.

The sucker rod heat treatment equipment is professional design for the oil industry, drill pipe used in quenching, drill pipe weld quenching, annealing, heating rod, oil casing quenching equipment. For more information, please refer:

Post time: 07-01-2016