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Why many users choose induction heating furnace from YuanTuo furnace company?

          Why many users choose induction heating furnace from YuanTuo furnace company?
Why many users choose to buy YuanTuo furnace company’s induction heating furnace?YuanTuo furnace company’s new production of induction heating furnace adopt the IGBT inverter for full digital energy-efficient products.Our product has its unique advantages.

1. The average time of our induction heating furnace and other induction heat treating equipment MTBF can up to 5 years.
Uninterrupted operation: in the event of power supply circuit cut fast or flicker, the induction heating equipment may be automatically monitored. the call automatically resume operation, to avoid loss of production downtime.
2 Perfect limit protection system.
The equipment has short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature and limiting functions, in which the over current and over voltage have double protection of hardware and software.For water-cooled sensors, the option of using water pressure or water flow monitoring protection.
3. Other features of our equipment:
A.Constant temperature closed-loop operation
Built-in PID program means for closed-loop operation temperature, heating and cooling can achieve speed control.Thanks to digital, to adapt to a variety of fast and slow temperature changes of the occasion, the time constant of the temperature range from 1 second to tens of seconds, and the online setting.
B.High luminance dot matrix display unit provides Chinese / English display.
Means high brightness dot matrix display unit, to provide users with a full Chinese / English interface, it displays simple, user-friendly interface.
C.Online Parameter Settings
Operation control means, limiting the protection of other parameters can be set online, set the parameters after power is not lost.
D.Alarm and fault event logging
The device can record alarm and fault events that occurred during the operation, all saved events on the display unit in the system can query.
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Post time: 05-31-2016