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Why should induction heating equipment choose the appropriate frequency?

Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical is specialized in Induction heating machine supplier , has been working on energy-saving and efficient induction heating equipment for more than 10 years. Now IGBT intermediate frequency induction heating equipment mature and stable, go to the market to launch all-air cooling, air-cooled new equipment again and again tragic innovation, one-time hard work with sweat exploration, one-time hard search, so that the rapid development of far extension electromechanical, in the leading position in the industry. So, there are hundreds of induction heating equipment, how to choose the appropriate frequency? Yuantuo electromechanical for you to understand.

The selection of induction heating equipment with inappropriate frequency will affect the heating quality of work-piece: power size; determine the heating speed and machining efficiency of work-piece; slow heating time, low work-piece efficiency, uneven heating, temperature can not meet the requirements, may cause damage to the work-piece, resulting in the opposite effect.

How to choose the right frequency correctly? I’ll tell you what Yuanyuo Electromechanical tells you. Please remember the following sentences: (1) the larger the diameter of the work-piece, the lower the frequency;

(2) the shallower the quenching layer, the higher the frequency;

(3) the larger the welding volume, the lower the frequency.

The advantages of surface quenching of the medium-frequency heating equipment compared with the surface quenching of the common heating equipment are as follows:

1. The heating speed is very fast, and the temperature range of the A-body transition temperature can be enlarged, and the transition time can be shortened.

2, the surface layer of the work-piece after quenching can be obtained with very fine cryptocrystalline martensite, and the hardness is slightly higher (2-3HRC). Low brittleness and higher fatigue strength.

3, the work-piece processed by the process is not easy to be oxidized and decarbonized, and even some work pieces can be directly assembled and used after being processed.

4. The hardening layer is deep and the operation is easy to control.

Yuantuo Electromechanical brings together many senior professional and technical talents, such as machinery, electronics, heat treatment and so on, and establishes a long-term cooperative R & D relationship with many professional scientific research colleges and universities in China. Have strong technical force and rely on perfect management decisions and strict production management system. The production and debugging of medium frequency permeable furnace are carried out, so as to ensure the stability of product quality performance.

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