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why the induction heating equipment is you fist choice for your parts heating and processing?

why the induction heating equipment is you fist choice for your parts heating and processing?

Why choose induction heating is the first but nor the  radiation, fire or another heating method? Here’s a brief summary of the main advantages of modern  induction heating technology apply in the production.

Maximizing production speed.

Induction heating startup is virtually instantaneous; no warm up or cool down cycle is required.Induction heating process can be done in the workshop, the workpiece can be put into the next cold or hot forming machine for further processing after heated, no need to be send to the remote subcontractor or the furnace zone to complete. For example, a welding process that previously required a time-consuming, off-line batch heating method but now can be used to replace the continuous, one-piece flow production system.

Improve product quality.

In the induction heating process, the heated part is never in direct contact with a flame or other heating elements, in the workpiece itself heated by the AC induction hetaing. As a result, product warpage, distortion and reject rates are minimized. 

Extend the life of the fixture.
Induction heating provides rapid heat a particular location, without heating any surrounding parts. This will prolong the life of the fixtures.

Environmental protection.
Induction heating systems do not burn conventional fossil fuels.Induction heating is a clean, non-polluting process, which will help protect the environment. A sensor system for your employees to improve working conditions by eliminating smoke, heat, loud noise and harmful emissions. Heating is safe and effective, no fire, endangering the operator of the process. Non-conductive material is not affected, and  person can close to the heating zone without damage.

Reduce energy consumption.
Since induction no warm-up or cool down cycle, reduce standby heat loss to a minimum. Induction process repeatability and consistency has little heat loss.

When all  the these factors are considered, the induction heating is often proven to be the best and most profitable alternative for your parts and manufacturing processes.Kindly  tell  you part size and your heating requirement, Forever furnace company will provide you the good induction heating solutions. More information about the related induction heat treating equipment ,please to visit our website or refer the

Post time: 06-17-2016