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Working principle of medium frequency induction heating equipment

Working principle of medium frequency induction heating equipment

Medium frequency heating device”s full  name is “medium frequency induction heating equipment”, also known as IF induction heating equipment , IF induction  heating power, IF induction heating furnace .Some times, it was called as high frequency induction heating equipment and ultra high frequency induction heating equipment.

They all have a lot of applications in heating metals or Induction heat treatment  field. The principle of the work of induction heating equipment – high frequency and large current flow with a circular or other shape of the heating coil. Then the coil in the strong magnetic field(the coil made of metal or other material) by strong magnetic beam will pass through the entire material. At this time there will be a large eddy current heat, while the temperature of the material will increase rapidly to achieve the purpose of heating.

Induction heating equipment is the principle of electromagnetic induction, the workpiece in the alternating magnetic field induced current and the workpiece surface, in the hole, some or all of the heating workpiece generated induced current of high power electric heating equipment.

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Post time: 06-16-2016