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You must not miss the Medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment

Compared with the traditional quenching furnace, the Medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment has higher production advantages, and the equipment produced by remote extension machinery is even better in function, performance, structure and use. It has been highly praised and praised by many users, so this paper introduces the medium frequency quenching equipment in detail from its advantages.

The main advantages of medium frequency quenching equipment of remote extension mechatronics are 1, and the economic income created by the equipment with large production capacity and high production capacity will be higher. In order to improve the production capacity of the equipment, the equipment will be designed reasonably in the aspect of hardware. We use the motor with excellent performance as its core component, so the running state of the equipment will be more stable, which lays a solid hardware foundation for improving the working efficiency of the equipment, so the working efficiency of the remote extension electromechanical system will be higher. Output can also meet user standards.

2. It has always been concerned that the operation is simpler and more effective to reduce the difficulty of user use. In order to solve this kind of problem, we try our best to improve the degree of automation of the equipment and improve the operation stability of the intermediate frequency heating equipment. In the process of equipment development, the overall layout design of the equipment is very reasonable, and the connection between the various parts is very compact, so that there will be no other faults in the production process of such equipment, and its reliability is high.

3. The operation of noise-free equipment also has the advantage of environmental protection, it will not produce any noise in the quenching process, which is also due to our attention in the field of environmental protection, after unremitting efforts, According to the characteristics of the equipment, we have developed a noise suppression circuit, which is generally installed around the motor, so as to play a better role in suppressing the noise emitted by the equipment. Therefore, the medium frequency quenching equipment of remote extension electromechanical will not cause any damage to the environment, and its energy consumption is even lower.

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