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Medium frequnency billet induction heating equipment

Medium frequnency billet induction heating equipment


billet size 60-150 mm
Shaft length 50-200mm
Control system PLC control
Process induction heating

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The electric heating equipment for billet hot rolling adopts PLC automatic intelligent control system, all digital and high depth adjustable parameters, which makes your billet hot rolling electric heating equipment easy to control, and the billet hot rolling production line runs stably, saving energy and environmental protection. Get the trust of the vast number of users!

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The characteristics of Hot rolling billet heating furnace equipment:

1. The power supply system of billet hot rolling electric heating equipment: the control program of double rectifier 12 pulse intermediate frequency series resonant power supply is adopted. Fully digital setting, full protection function.

2C PLC automatic control, this console is used alone, specially customized man-machine interface, highly humanized operation indication, all digital, high depth adjustable parameter, It has the function of one-button reduction, simple operation.

3. Guide system: 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheel, and keep the guide wheel axial with moderate elasticity, In order to adapt to the bending degree within the allowable range of billet.

4, the hot rolling line of billet adopts closed loop control of American Raytheon double color thermometer, heating is uniform, no oxide layer, no bending, No deformation.

5, the billet hot rolling electric heating equipment has no noise and dust, no pollution, environmental protection.

6. When the Billet induction heating furnace works without load, the system will be reduced to the minimum power, when the billet enters the induction heating furnace, The device will be added to the normal operation, can greatly reduce power consumption.


Inductance should be committed to the after-sales service of the billet heating furnace:

1, the company has a full-time after-sales service team, full-time personnel responsible for providing customers with high-quality services, after-sales service work has become institutionalized, programmed, Standardization.

2, the letter of customer service calls to set up a person to register, reply on the same day.

3, overseas responsible for installation and teaching operation, warranty for one year.

4, for the new use of induction furnace heating billet equipment, Communicate in time through email phone.

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