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10 advantages for YuanTuo continuous hardening and tempering furnace

10 advantages for YuanTuo continuous hardening and tempering furnace

YuanTuo can not only supply top quality continuous hardening and tempering furnace but also our engineer is familiar with various material heat treatment process. So we can give the most energy saving and suitable proposal as per user’s actual production conditions.

So far, Forever has finished more than 100 sets of production line for continuous hardening and tempering furnace, the workpiece includes grinding bars, wind power bolt, sucker rod, torsion bar, stabilizer bar, long bars, threaded bars, tubing ,drill pipe, seamless pipe etc. With the development of induction heating technology, Forever continuous hardening and tempering furnace has functions of automatic loading & unloading, automatic feeding, temperature automatic adjustment, automatic selecting unqualified products. Mature technology, stable performance, superior raw material and thoughtful service has made Forever become the top 3 manufacturers of hardening and tempering furnace in China.

 10 advantages of Forever continuous hardening and tempering furnace

1. Fine and reasonable induction heater design: As per user’s workpiece size and frequency, the induction heater will be customized design and produced. The refractory castable material is using import brand and can stand 1400℃ temperature.

2. The gap between the induction heater and workpiece is always the same, and the heating temperature is uniform.

3. Adopt IGBT inverter power supply and advanced components ,the efficiency can increase by 30% -40% .

4.The continuous hardening and tempering furnace is series resonant circuit, the induction heater is isolated suspension voltage, safety;

5.Using the international advanced control system, little impact on the power grid and other equipment.

6.Comprehensive closed-loop protection.

7.Comprehensive protection circuit. Such as water temperature, water pressure, voltage, current, etc., to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

8.Fast heating speed, high production efficiency, easy mechanization and automation.

9.In line with the national uniform production standards.

10.High-quality pre-sales, sale and after-sales service.


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