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Bar induction heating for rolling

Bar induction heating for rolling

YuanTuo is known as trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of Bar induction heating for rolling equipment, billet induction heater,bar induction heater,steel ball production line. We supply Bar induction heating for rolling equipment in all over world. Our wide ranges of Bar induction heating for rolling equipment is designed according to the requirements of the clients to suit their steel bar rolling requirements.

Advantages of Forever induction heating equipment for rolling

1.Heating fast and uniform

 2.100% successful starting.Reliable frequent starting is available

 3.Easy installation & commission and simple operation.

 4.Safe and reliable.Perfect protections for long life performance and very safe for operators. Automatic protections for water temperature,water pressure,phase shortage,overcurrent and undervoltage.

 5.High reliability:Adopt famous brand components which reduce fault rate and make sure the equipment can run reliably.


1.1250 kW, Solid State Medium Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply: low distortion, high efficiency, tin copper bar, water pipe is made of stainless steel,Highly reliable and efficient voltage source inverter.

 2.100T distilled water closed circulation system:For power supply and its Component & Coil Cooling.With this machine,you do not need heat exchanger. & Water reservoir tank.This is reliable ,power saving and convenient.

 3.Operator Control Box: It is positioned near to the operating area,PLC control,Temp.closed-loop control,you can adjust and control heating temperature easily.

 4.Our equipment does not need connection cable. Copper cable has been connected in the cabinet.This is more power saving and convenient.

 5.Capacitor included:Enclosed, stainless steel water pipe.

 6.Infra Red Pyrometer:Non contact type Infra Red Pyrometer can measure temperature of billet at the exit side.


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