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Bring more benefits for you-YuanTuo pipe continuous hardening and tempering furnace

Bring more benefits for you-YuanTuo pipe continuous hardening and tempering furnace

With mature technology, familiar with process of various pipe heat treatment, YuanTuo’s tubing continuous hardening and tempering furnace has been running for 3 years in Philippines customer plant. The tubing size is from ø60.32-114mm, which has a big market requirement in 2017. The customer feedback is that our line can bring pure profit of 3000 USD every day. Last week, they called us to inquiry another continuous hardening and tempering line in 2018. Thanks for customer’s support and trust to us.

In China market, there are many manufacturer of induction heating machines. However, the supplier who is able to provide the whole continuous hardening and tempering furnace is very less as most of them focus on small induction heater. Especially for the tubing or drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace, the manufacturer who has experience is more less. The supplier not only has ability to design the whole line but also they should be familiar with the tubing or drill pipe performance. Such as if the customer requirement is the pipe grade should reach N80, Q110, how is the tensile strength, yield strength and hardness. And heating to how much temperature, the internal structure of pipe can reach the requirement. So it’s not only the matter of mechanical part, heating part or cooling part. The designer should consider everything.

One important factor for the pipe continuous hardening and tempering furnace is the uniformity of heating and cooling.

There is no doubt that the heating temperature will directly effect the uniformity of the pipe internal structure. If the heating temperature is not stable, the pipe will bend, then you have to use straightening machine to correct it, which will increase your production cost. For this problem, Forever has accurate and perfect temperature control system to monitor and control the heating temperature including the quenching temperature and temperature. Once the temperature is out of control, the power supply will adjust the power to make the temperature keep in setting temperature. We will set six sets of infrared thermometers for the whole line to know the temperature at any time. 

Water spraying is the same important with heating as if the cooling is not good, the pipe will also even crack. The pipe will rotate during quenching to ensure cooling uniformity. And the spay ring can adjust as per the pipe position in the tank. There is flow meter and water pressure meter to monitor and control the water pressure and water flow.

YuanTuo purpose is to help users to produce the best quality product with the Min. cost. Welcome to send us inquiry for pipe continuous hardening and tempering furnace  for more detailed proposal.


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