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Continuous hardening and tempering furnace for stabilizer bar bar heat treatment

Continuous hardening and tempering furnace for stabilizer bar bar heat treatment

The full name of the stabilizer bar is the “lateral stabilizer bar”, also known as the torsion bar spring, which is an auxiliary elastic component in the automobile suspension. Its role is to prevent the car body from lateral inclination when the car turns a corner. In the course of work, the stabilizer bar inevitably bears a great deal of friction. Therefore, the wear will be faster. For this reason, many manufacturers use continuous hardening and tempering furnace  for bars heat treatment, which get the better effect.

As per the special shape of stabilizer bars, we design customized induction heater to ensure the uniform heating for the stabilizer bars and improve the heat treatment effect. The stabilizer bar can have thicker toughness area and better compression of internal stress, improving the ability of stabilizer rod resistant to fatigue and breakage.

Main characteristics for stabilizer bar continuous hardening and tempering furnace:

1. The medium frequency continuous hardening and tempering furnace uses digital phase-locking technology to achieve automatic frequency tracking and can automatically adapt to various induction heaters.

2. Continuous hardening and tempering furnace has no tens of thousands volts of high pressure, safe operation, and can work for 24 hours in a row.

3.High efficiency, energy saving is very obvious, saving 60% than traditional equipment, saving 20% than SCR equipment.

4.Small size, light weight, will not take up too much production space, can move the working position at any time to facilitate the production needs.

5. The heating position can be controlled freely, will not produce excessive heat to the location that does not require heating, to meet the heat treatment requirements of special workpieces.

6.Electromagnetic continuous hardening and tempering furnace is very environmentally friendly, which meets the current environmental standards and replace coal, gas and other heating.

At the samie time, Forever continuous hardening and tempering machine  is very flexible, which can also be used for bar or pipe annealing or normalizing.


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