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Continuous hardening and tempering furnace manufacturer-YuanTuo

Continuous hardening and tempering furnace manufacturer-YuanTuo

YuanTuo continuous hardening and tempering furnace is mainly used for steel hardening, annealing, tempering and through heating. This equipment has good features of fast heating, less oxidation and good straightness. Compared with other heating methods, it has advantages of low energy consumption, pollution-free and high heating efficiency.

YuanTuo continuous hardening and tempering furnace main features:

1.Digital control system, advanced performance, easy commissioning to meet the requirements of complex parts quenching process.

2.The device can achieve hardening and continuous hardening, surface hardening etc.

3.There is no deformation, no crack and burning for the parts after hardening and tempering.

4.Set connection interface for control system and cooling control. User can control the heating and cooling process as per specific hardening requirement.

5.Low operating costs: The power is only 180W for the driving motor.The whole power consumption is less than one-fifth of the mechanical equipment.

6.Reliable performance, stable operation, easy process adjustment, easy to operate.

YuanTuo service commitment:

1.One year free warranty on the hardening and tempering furnace. Lifetime maintenance. Provide the complete set of document of electrical control.

2.Free training of technical staff. Free technical advice.

3. Long-term technical services and spare parts.

4.The factory is responsible for free on-site installation and commissioning; free training required for equipment operation and maintenance.


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