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Efficient production of induction heating equipment to respond quickly to customer needs

Different from other punch peripheral automation equipment, a single machine can only realize a single function and has a standard model available for purchase.induction heat treatment machine can realize the function of unwinding, leveling and feeding because of its comprehensive function, so there is no standard type of intelligent induction heating equipment, and the design and production of each machine are customized according to the actual heat treatment situation of the customer. Although this fundamentally ensures that the intelligent induction heating equipment can maximize the demand of heat treatment production process, the production and manufacturing time of intelligent induction heating equipment has always been criticized by heat treatment owners.

Intelligent induction heating equipment, especially thick plate intelligent induction heating equipment at present market manufacturing production cycle is basically over 60 days, some even up to 90 days, because many heat treatment owners in the selection of heat treatment automation equipment, often in the heat treatment processing production special needs to purchase, such long production cycle makes many customers have to give up intelligent induction heating equipment to choose material rack, leveling machine, induction heating equipment such as split-type of automation equipment, which not only increases the promotion and popularization of intelligent induction heating equipment, but also makes customers not really experience the charm of efficient automation production.

On the premise of ensuring the quality of intelligent induction heating equipment, how to shorten its production and manufacturing cycle has become a major problem in front of every intelligent induction heating equipment manufacturer. Although many manufacturers are constantly improving, but at present, the domestic intelligent induction heating equipment manufacturers do few, only Heng yuan science and technology. Recently, with the close cooperation of R & D, production quality inspection and other related departments, Heng yuan thickness plate intelligent induction heating equipment only used 42 days to complete the production and test machine, to meet the delivery standard, the production cycle is shorter than 50% of the peers, which is far from being achieved by other manufacturers.


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Post time: 06-12-2019