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Heat treatment equipment process and processing characteristics!

Metal steel rod has good strength, hardness and other properties, and has been widely used in many industrial fields. After bar induction hardening furnace, metal steel rod can further improve its wear resistance, fatigue resistance and other properties. Improve its mechanical properties and use value. It is very important to select the heat treatment equipment and process the metal steel rod. This article will introduce the medium frequency induction heating equipment in detail.


At present, the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is widely used in the heat treatment of metal steel rod. The magnetic force line produced by heating coil through high frequency current is concentrated on the metal steel rod, and the eddy current is produced by electromagnetic induction, and the metal steel rod is heated.

The processing characteristics of steel rod heat treatment furnace:

1. Because heat is produced in the metal steel bar, the heating speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the surface oxidation decarbonization of the workpiece is less, and the raw material is saved. The temperature of induction heating is more uniform and the temperature difference of core surface is small. The precise control of heating temperature can be realized by using temperature control system, and the quality and qualified rate of products can be improved.

2, hardenability is good, straightness is high. Compared with the gas furnace, the steel rod is quenched by mechanical rotation heating, and the temperature difference between the surface of the heated uniform core is small. After heating, the steel rod is quenched with a high pressure cooling medium, and the hardenability of the workpiece is improved. Straightness is much higher than that of natural gas furnaces and resistive furnaces to meet the future development trend of heat treatment industry.

3, good working environment, energy saving, no pollution.


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