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Heat treatment quenching furnace is, of course, intermediate frequency heating equipment

Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace is a popular equipment at present, which is mainly used for induction heat treatment of workpiece. For heat treatment, as you know, when the workpiece is heat treated, there are certain requirements for the heating depth of the workpiece, that is, the depth of the hardened layer. Today, the technicians of Yuantio Electromechanical do not say much about it. Let’s say that the workpiece is quenched by induction heating furnace. What effect does the depth of hardened layer have on the mechanical properties of the workpiece?

We have carried out many experiments on the heat treatment of the workpiece. The experimental results show that the mechanical properties after induction quenching are closely related to the depth of the hardened layer. Generally speaking, with the increase of the depth of hardened layer, the tensile strength, bending strength and torsional strength also increase, but the impact toughness decreases with the increase of depth. Fatigue strength has the same law. It is generally believed that with the increase of hardened layer depth, the fatigue strength limit also increases, and after a certain layer depth, the strength increases slowly. However, some people think that there is the best layer depth in the hardened layer which affects the fatigue strength.

In a word, different depth of hardened layer has great influence on residual stress (size and distribution), strength and plastic toughness in induction quenching. The general rule is that the depth of hardened layer increases and the strength index increases, but after exceeding a certain value, the trend of high strength slows down. As with ordinary quenching, with the increase of strength, plastic toughness always decreases. The difference is that the decrease of induction quenching is small.

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