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How do I configure the induction heating equipment? How much is the offer?

In 2019, the demand for high-quality metal steel bars has only increased, and the demand for steel pipes is still in short supply. Environmental protection and energy-saving steel bar reheating furnace and steel tube heating furnace have entered the field of view of more people. Then, how to configure the more popular induction heating equipment at present? How much is the offer?

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First, you need to understand the main components of the induction heating equipment before you configure the induction heating equipment. The induction heating equipment is mainly composed of: medium frequency power supply, storage rack, feeding system, and so on. Induction heating system and central control system and other components, in addition to the automatic feeding, cutting mechanism, far-infrared thermometer, cooling tower and other options to improve the user’s production efficiency.

Second, the quotation of induction heating equipment because the induction heating equipment is a non-standard product, the manufacturer needs to customize the production according to the size, material, shape, process requirements and output of the customer’s workpiece, different users, different production requirements, Induction heating equipment configuration is also not the same, so in this factory can not be directly accurate quotation, friends who want to know can call to consult the customer service hotline, professional technical engineers for you to make a technical proposal and quote.

The purchase of induction heating equipment, need to consider a lot of factors, such as price, quality, manufacturers, after-sale, etc., investment heat treatment plant, in order to achieve sustained high returns, must choose reliable quality, after-sale perfect, green induction heating equipment. Yuantuo has been engaged in the production of induction heating equipment for more than 10 years, the products are sold abroad, there is a guarantee after sale, the medium frequency heating furnace produced by the national environmental protection certification, whether product performance or manufacturer service, Far Topics is your ideal choice, understand the production plan configuration, preferential quotation and other details please consult our technicians free of charge, far Topics will serve you wholeheartedly!


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