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Induction heat treatment equipment this famous

The production and induction heating and heat treatment equipment for the remote-to-large-scale electromechanical professional production is 20 years, the production is experienced, the product quality is stable, the long-distance,induction heating furnace, the quenching heat treatment equipment and the quenching and tempering heat treatment production line are designed according to the strict process specifications, and the production and the debugging are produced. And to meet your unique needs. The high-pressure induction heating and heat treatment equipment is commonly used for the whole or local induction heating and heat treatment of metal materials such as steel plate, steel bar, steel pipe, round steel, steel billet, sucker rod, steel bar, etc., so as to provide customized production for you, so long as you have the requirements, we can meet it!

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Executive Standard for Induction heating and Heat treatment equipment:

1.JB/T4086-85 < Technical Specification for Electronic controlled equipment for medium Frequency Induction heating >

2.GB/T10067.3-2005 < basic Technical condition for Electrothermal equipment >

3.GB/T10063 3-88 < Test methods for Electro-heating equipment >

4.GB/T5959.3-88 < Safety of Electric heating equipment>

Configuration of induction heating heat treatment equipment:

1, air-or water-cooled induction heating power supply control

2, feeding mechanism

3, conveying roller

4, induction heating system

5, quenching cooling system

6, discharging system

7, Man-machine interface PLC main console (including variable frequency speed regulation and temperature control, Huayan industrial control computer, remote start, etc.) its function is to the entire induction heating heat treatment equipment directly in the central console operation, Only 1 person can operate the whole set of induction heating equipment production, saving labor, saving costs.

8, infrared temperature measurement system (according to your needs can be equipped with the United States Raytaire infrared thermometer and domestic red-light infrared temperature measurement system)

Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd sells well at home and abroad for induction heating treatment equipment, and exports it to nearly 30 countries, such as billet heating furnace in Vietnam, continuous casting billet heating equipment in Taiwan, and quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment for steel pipe in the Philippines. Indonesia’s steel bar heat treatment equipment, Britain’s steel pipe heat treatment production line, Iran’s steel bar hot rolling equipment, and so on, their induction heat treatment equipment performance is stable, long service life, energy-saving and environmental protection, no noise, no radiation to the human body, Yuantuo has a strong R & D team and a perfect after-sales service team.


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