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Induction Heat treatment equipment wins praise for low carbon and High efficiency

With the rapid development of China’s economy, environmental problems are becoming more and more prominent. Today, when the environmental problems become more serious, the call for pollution control and reduction of haze has become more and more strong in society, especially in the metal heat treatment industry, which is more seriously polluted.

The induction heat treatment furnace produced by Hebei Yuantuo is more energy-saving, more efficient and wider in heating range than traditional equipment. It can not only meet the production needs of users, but also be praised by users in environmental protection performance. It is an ideal choice for users to invest. So what does the remote induction heat treatment furnace rely on to be trusted by customers? Let’s get to know each other!billet

The unique advantages of induction heat treatment equipment make users welcome:

1, advanced technology: the induction heat treatment equipment adopts advanced MOSFET,IGBT power device and unique frequency conversion technology, which not only improves the service performance of the equipment, but also improves the heating effect of the equipment.

2,Energy saving and environmental protection: equipment in the production process energy consumption is low, compared with silicon controlled equipment, water saving 40%, power saving 15%-20%. Even better, the equipment does not produce noise and dust in the process of operation, smoke and exhaust gases, very environmentally friendly.

3, investment saving: the equipment is of high quality, long service life, simple operation and low failure rate. Therefore, the cost of putting into operation and maintenance is low, and even better is the mechanization and mass production of the equipment.

4, the heating effect is good: the medium frequency induction heat treatment equipment heat treatment speed is very fast, very short time can reach the required temperature, and in the heat treatment process quenching uniform, the steel rod, steel pipe, steel bar after the treatment of the equipment, steel bar, etc. Screw steel, thick plate and other metal workpieces without cracks, whether tensile strength or yield can meet the actual needs of the user. The heat treatment effect is improved.

Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Factory specializes in customizing various types of steel bar heat treatment furnace, steel pipe heat treatment production line, thread steel heat treatment production line, medium and thick plate quality control line and other induction heat treatment equipment, all you need to do is to make the workpiece size, material, and so on. Production efficiency and so on tell us, we will have a professional technical team to serve you!


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Post time: 03-25-2019