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Intelligent medium frequency induction heating equipment

Far billiton mechanical and electrical specializing in the production of Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace for more than 20 years, the main products are: heating furnace of steel bar, steel heat treatment equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel tube heat treatment furnace, quenching furnace steel quenching equipment, steel tube, steel heating equipment, steel tempering heat treatment equipment and so on many products, the equipment performance is stable, uniform heating, high efficiency, reputation in the induction heating and heat treatment market is quite good, the products sell well all over the country, far billiton electromechanical ideal choice of medium frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, advanced technology, after-sale guaranteed.

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Typical applications of yuantuo medium frequency induction heating equipment:

It is mainly used for high power if power supply heating, generally equipped with automatic pushing and discharging device.Due to its compact structure, small floor area and energy saving, intelligent medium frequency induction heating equipment is very popular with customers.Its connection line is very short, reduce the power loss on the connection line, thus saving the medium frequency induction heating equipment electricity consumption, compared with the ordinary induction heating equipment can save about 30%.In addition, according to your requirements can be configured with PLC programming controller, and infrared temperature measuring device system, the whole heating process can achieve automatic control.

Main features of yuantuo medium frequency induction heating equipment:

A complete set of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment output voltage doubler type, output channel right copper platoon small clearance design, reduce the loss of the line power electricity saving of up to 10% – 15% induction heating furnace with double insulation treatment, improve the service life and reliability of three times, thin lining design, reduce the space magnetic flux leakage, high energy conversion efficiency, achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption.The input-output system is made of non-magnetic stainless steel, with long wear resistance life.


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