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Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment structure characteristics, its performance ultra-high!

Today’s heat treatment manufacturers require environmental protection. Traditional metal heat treatment furnaces will produce some pollution such as exhaust gas, waste smoke and dust. But this induction heating equipment is different, uses the electric heat heating way, the production processing not only realizes the environmental protection, but also the high efficiency intelligence is not in the words. The structure characteristic of medium frequency induction heating equipment: the mechanical and electrical integration structure design is adopted in the reasonable structure and reliable induction heating furnace, the whole structure is compact and reasonable, the occupation area is small, it is beneficial for the user to standardize the space area reasonably and reduce the cost of capital construction; The self-made production line reduces the cost and puts into the medium frequency heating furnace. It has the functions of automatic feeding, conveying, heating, cutting and controlling. Without manual feeding, it can omit a lot of cost investment for you.


The intelligent degree of the whole intermediate frequency heating furnace is high, the touch screen of PLC control system increases the safety factor of the whole set of equipment, and the operation is simpler and more convenient. The diversified configuration scheme can be chosen because the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is a non-standard product, the manufacturer provides a variety of options such as far-infrared thermometer, cooling tower, low-voltage distribution cabinet, power transformer and so on. Convenient to configure a set of induction heating equipment production line according to the user’s body; Because the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is processed by the medium frequency electromagnetic induction principle, the heat is generated directly from the inner part of the metal workpiece, so the waste gas smoke and dust and other pollution will not be produced in the production process. Production to achieve environmental protection processing; Because of the high heating speed and short time, the surface of metal workpiece is not easy to produce oxide scale, decarbonization to burn loss and other phenomena, saving materials and reducing the cost in the process of heat treatment of metal workpiece.

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