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Is there a good manufacturer for heat treatment of metal workpieces

At present, the main development trend ofmetal surface heat treatment equipment is environmental protection. The environment-friendly metal heat treatment equipment has gradually become the core strength of metal thermal processing, which has won the favor of many users. This article will recommend the induction heating equipment for you, as well as the recommendations of relevant manufacturers, to help you choose and purchase.

Why do many heat treatment manufacturers choose intermediate frequency diothermic furnace at present?

1. The intermediate frequency heating equipment adopts electromagnetic principle to heat the medium frequency heating equipment, and the alternating current is uniformly distributed to the metal work-piece in the form of non-contact inductor, the machining efficiency is as high as 95%, and it has the advantage of high production efficiency.

2. Equipped with PLC touch screen centralized operation, with high automation, mechanized production capacity, reduce the needs of workers, reduce production costs.

3. Equipped with temperature closed-loop control system, far infrared thermometer can monitor the heating temperature of metal workpiece in real time to ensure that the heating temperature of work-piece is always within the design range, and the machining quality meets the production requirements of users.


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