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Let you know about induction heat treatment annealing furnace for steel tube

When it comes to Annealing furnace for steel tube I believe that in addition to the industry knowledge, people who know it should not be many?! When you see this word, the editor is circled. What is it for? What artifacts are used for?

After checking with our technicians, we learned that the induction heat treatment annealing furnace, as the name implies, is used in the induction heating annealing process, which will heat those metals that have been effectively processed. Induction annealing can reduce hardness, improve extensibility and reduce internal stress. Integral annealing is the process of annealing the whole workpiece.

Induction heat treatment annealing furnace is applied to plate annealing heat treatment, steel rod, steel pipe, steel strip annealing heat treatment, billet annealing heat treatment, petroleum drill pipe annealing heat treatment, etc.

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Post time: 05-14-2019