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Look for medium frequency induction heating equipment, this is suitable for you!

In the induction heating furnace processing industry, many friends are visible. At present, only if the metal surface heat treatment furnace is reasonably designed and the environment-friendly heat treatment plant is established, can be based in the industry, and the industry is mixed with“fish water” . In the heat treatment processing industry, the price, quality, production state, etc. This article gives you a brief introduction to the price of the equipment, as well as a variety of models, the preferential offer for the user better choice.

I. There are many types of IF induction heating equipment. There is always a suitable equipment for metal workpiece heat treatment. According to different shapes and materials, it can be used as steel bar heating equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel plate heating equipment, copper bar heating equipment, aluminum rod heating equipment and other metal workpiece heat treatment equipment.

Second, the functional characteristics of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment

1, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is a kind of equipment processed by electromagnetic induction principle, the heating efficiency is as high as 85%, the heating speed is fast, the time is short, the surface of workpiece is not easy to produce oxidation scale, decarbonization and burning loss, and the processing quality is good.

2, the induction heating furnace is driven by frequency converter to realize endless adjustment and controllable operation speed. The user can adjust himself according to the actual production demand.

3, the induction heating furnace is equipped with multiple sets of furnace bodies according to the shape and size of the user’s workpiece, which can only be replaced by connecting the water and electricity joint, and the replacement is simple and fast.

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