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Multi-function induction heating equipment is very popular in the market!

Many people have mentioned that the current Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace is almost the same, but the needs of the users are a lot of things, some metal heating equipment can be diversified to meet the needs of the user, we need to further explore the need for some of the metal heating equipment can be diversified to meet the needs of the user. However, there is still such a metal heat treatment equipment to meet the diverse needs of users, let’s take a look at this metal heating equipment!

Diversified heating methods, induction heating equipment is welcomed by the market, induction heating equipment is different from other metal heating equipment, induction heating equipment furnace body can be customized according to the size and shape of the user’s workpiece, supporting the corresponding specifications of the furnace body. When the user processes the workpiece of different size, it only needs to replace the furnace body, adopt the integrated hoisting structure design, change the speed quickly, reduce the standby time of the user, and improve the production efficiency of the user.

The gorgeous transformation of induction heating equipment into low-cost production and industrial investment in production is a very headache for many enterprises. As we all know, a lot of machinery and equipment need to be equipped in industrial production, and the cost of investing in the whole production will be very high. However, our induction heating equipment gorgeous transformation, will save the production of high-investment enterprises. The induction heating equipment is equipped with a new type of IGBT air-cooled power supply, which can save more than 30% of the energy and reduce the cost compared with the electronic tube high-frequency equipment under the same output requirement. At the same time, the medium frequency heating equipment heating the workpiece fast, short time, not easy to produce burn loss, oxidation, decarbonization and other phenomena, saving materials. High-quality induction heating equipment is waiting for your favor, whether it is to solve the user’s needs, or to help enterprises with low-cost investment, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment has not let everyone down, the optimization and upgrading is to do better. So is such a metal heat treatment furnace popular with you? If you are interested in this heating equipment, welcome to call Yuantuo electromechanical customer service oh, there will be professional technicians 1 to 1 for your solution service.


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