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Principle of medium frequency induction furnace in remote electromechanical system

The electromagnetic induction phenomenon of the Induction heating machine of the electromagnetic induction of the medium-frequency induction electric furnace refers to the conductor placed in the changing magnetic flux and generates an electromotive force. The electromotive force is referred to as an induced electromotive force or an induced electromotive force, and if the conductor is closed into a loop, an induced current is formed, as the electromotive force will drive the electrons to flow. The discovery of intermediate frequency electric furnace and electromagnetic induction is one of the great achievements in the field of electromagnetics. It is of great significance in practice. The discovery of the electromagnetic induction of the medium-frequency induction furnace marks a major industrial and technological revolution. the electromagnetic induction is proved to be the basis of the operation of a generator, an induction motor, a transformer and a large part of other power equipment, and is widely applied in the fields of electrical, electronic technology, electrification, automation and industrial heating, It has played an important role in promoting the social productivity and the development of science and technology.

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