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Production characteristics of induction heat treatment equipment!

Induction heating equipment is our heng yuan as one of the main products of induction heating equipment manufacturers, this product is loved by the majority of consumers. Now, our manufacturers on the short bar heating equipment heating characteristics, and you briefly discussed.Pipe induction heating equipment

billet heating equipment

Induction heating equipment is a very popular heating equipment in the current metal heat treatment market. It uses intermediate frequency current to heat treat metal workpieces, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and so on. Therefore, it is favored and concerned by heat treatment manufacturers. Here is a brief discussion with you about the production characteristics of this metal heat treatment equipment.

First, the heating temperature is high, and non-contact heating.

Second, the internal heating and thermal efficiency of the material is high, which can save energy.

Third, the heating speed is fast, the surface oxidation of the heated parts is less and the pollution is less.

Fourth, the temperature is easy to control, the uniformity can be selected, and the product quality is stable.

Fifth, can be locally heated, suitable for complex shape workpiece.

Sixth, it is easy to realize automatic production.

Seventh, the load is nonlinear, time-varying, high voltage and high current complex system.


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