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Square steel forging heating equipment, preferably heng yuan

The complete set Square steel forging heating equipment consists of automatic feeding, medium frequency heating furnace, rapid feeding and sorting mechanism. The PLC computer control system is used to realize the automatic control of feeding, heating and discharging sorting. Meet the user’s process requirements and equipment requirements.

electric heating furnace

Wuqiao County Hengyuan Electrical and Mechanical equipment Factory since its establishment, one step at a time, for the induction heating industry has set a brilliant achievement, Hengyuan technology center, by deep-funded engineers, R & D personnel, mechanical engineering designers, and so on. Design machinery industry, heat treatment and casting industry, electrical automation and other fields, and with a number of domestic and foreign scientific research machinery cooperation, the collection of domestic and foreign elite, dedicated to the research and development of induction heating equipment, design, manufacturing process improvement, To a large extent, it ensures the reliability, energy saving and high efficiency of the customer’s selection of equipment, and tailor-made products for the customer to ensure that the investment of the customer can achieve a large return.

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