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Steel bar heat treatment equipment manufacturer

Composition of  bar induction hardening machine : steel bar heat treatment equipment has storage frame, quenching feeding machine, quenching heating module, quenching and discharging machine, straightening machine, water spray cooling system, tempering feeding machine, tempering heating module, thermal insulation module, etc. Temper discharging machine, unloading frame and so on, adopt rational man-machine interface, PLC, industrial control computer automatic control.

The heat treatment equipment of steel bar is continuous working mode,  The control precision is high, the adjustment range is wide, the operation is more stable, and it has the following characteristics:

1. When the steel bar conditioning equipment starts, it can automatically complete the start-up of the transmission mechanism and the power supply, and automatically realize the reasonable matching between the speed and the power rise. When the production line is running, it can adjust the power of heating power supply dynamically to minimize the temperature fluctuation of quenching and tempering.

2, control system process parameters setting, storage, regulation, modification, statistics, printing and other functions are complete.

3, the system has closed-loop functions such as temperature, current, voltage and so on, to ensure that the heat treatment line works according to the best technological parameters, and that the quality of the product is not affected by artificial and environmental factors.

4, heating uniform, heat-treated steel bar toughness, wear resistance, in line with national standards.


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