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Steel tube annealing furnace, which is your choice?

In recent years, the development of domestic heat treatment industry can be described as a “smooth journey”, the market situation is quite pleasant, in which the greater work is not the induction heating equipment, as one of the main equipment for the Pipe induction heating equipment   Its popularity in the steel pipe heat treatment industry can be imagined. For steel pipe heat treatment processing plant, the performance of finished steel pipe directly affects the application field of steel pipe, then which kind of steel pipe continuous annealing furnace is your “vegetable”? This article introduces this new type of induction heating equipment, the steel tube annealing furnace processing power size can be freely adjusted, one machine can be used in multiple machines, I believe it is your choice

The advantages of the new type of continuous annealing furnace for steel pipe are outstanding, which are concerned by users.

1. Safety: rigorous space structure design to reduce the influence of equipment aging on the operation of steel pipe annealing furnace, and the whole heat treatment work is safer;

2, high yield: more reasonable design, high efficiency, high yield, each shaft used independent frequency converter control, stable operation; 3, environmental protection: sealed body structure combination, has the effect to prevent heat treatment heat dissipation, can reduce the temperature in the operating workshop;

4, save money: split the structure composition, reduce the occupation area, move conveniently, and the equipment itself system is strong, the arrangement is simple

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Post time: 04-02-2019