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The price of the induction heating equipment, what is it affected by?

Industry is constantly developing, the development of heat treatment equipment is also constantly mature. At present, there is nothing more popular with users than induction heating equipment. Induction heating equipment has the advantages of reliable production and operation, high efficiency and energy saving, flexible and convenient equipment, especially good performance, which can meet the different needs of users and can be customized according to the requirements of users. However, with different equipment, the price of induction heating equipment has become one of the hotspots that users pay close attention to.


The main factors affecting the price of induction heating equipment are equipment configuration, material selection, manufacturers and regions, etc. The following detailed analysis is made:

1. Equipment configuration induction heating furnace is a non-standard product, according to the user’s workpiece shape, size, process requirements and efficiency requirements for custom production, the configuration of induction heating equipment for different users may be different, resulting in different prices. And the equipment configuration of accessories brand quality is different, prices are also different.

2. Material selection A set of high-quality induction heating equipment not only has high production capacity, good performance quality, material is also very important, high-quality materials produced induction heating equipment in the operation will be more stable, the service life will be longer, However, the corresponding price will be higher, the medium frequency heating furnace produced by general materials is low cost, low price, users can choose according to their own needs.

3. In addition to considering the equipment configuration and materials of the induction heating furnace, the next step is to choose the manufacturer. Although there are many manufacturers of induction heating equipment and have similar equipment models, however, due to the different manufacturers’ production scale and production capacity, Price difference is very far, so different manufacturers, induction heating equipment prices are different.
4. Regional induction heating equipment manufacturers mainly distributed in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other regions, Shanghai and Guangzhou are developed cities, the price level is very high, so equipment prices may be relatively high, but Hebei, The price level of Shandong area is general, the price may be lower under the same conditions. So the region is also the key factor that affects the price.
A set of induction heating equipment market prices vary, different manufacturers offer thousands of differences, so it is important to choose to meet their needs. Yuantuo Mechatronics has been committed to the research and improvement of mechanical equipment, the operation of induction heating equipment in the industry is very well-known, high-quality service and good reputation by the majority of users, Users who need it can contact Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical customer Service Hotline or log on to the website to learn more about it.


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