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The quality of the workpiece heated by the bar heating equipment is guaranteed.

We are engaged in induction heating research and development, design and production for nearly 20 years. We are familiar with induction heating theory, equipment quality, excellent service, first-class technology, and worthy of your trust.induction heating equipment is simply a kind of electric heating equipment which can heat the workpiece to the temperature required for heat treatment by induction current. At present, there are three kinds of power supply used in bar heating equipment, they are power frequency 50Hz, intermediate frequency 50~10000Hz and high frequency higher than 10000Hz, etc. The remote electromechanical forging furnace is mainly composed of inductor, furnace body, heating power supply, capacitor, mechanical system and control system. The metal workpiece generates eddy current in the alternating current of the bar heating equipment, and the workpiece itself heats up to the temperature required for heat treatment. In addition to heating in the atmosphere, the forging furnace can also be heated or melted in vacuum, argon, neon and other protective atmospheres to meet the requirements of special quality.

Precision characteristic bar heating equipment can be selected with external infrared thermometer combined with closed-loop temperature control system, the metal temperature is uniform, the temperature difference between surface and core is very small, the temperature control of forging furnace is accurate, and the quality and qualified rate of workpiece are improved effectively.

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