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Three advantages of energy saving and two advantages of environmental protection for steel plate tempering and tempering equipment

1. The heating speed of the steel plate quenching and tempering equipment is high: due to the plate induction hardening and tempering ,the working principle of the plate type tempering equipment is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated in the work piece, and the ordinary worker can perform the continuous operation of the forging task in ten minutes after work by the plate type tempering equipment, And the work of the furnace and the sealing furnace is not required to be carried out in advance.

2. The equipment mold has long service life: because the heating is uniform, the temperature difference of the core gauge is small, thus the service life of the forging die is greatly increased.

3, the oxidation and decarbonization is less, the material and the cost are saved, the heating temperature is fast and the oxidation is less;

billet heating furnaceAdvantages of environmental protection:

1. The working environment is superior, no pollution and low energy consumption. Compared with the coal stove, the worker does not need to work in a hot working environment in a hot summer, and meets the environmental protection requirement; and the induction heat treatment energy-saving effect is remarkable.

2. The heating is uniform, the temperature difference of the core table is very small, and the temperature control precision is high. And the temperature difference of the core table is very small; and the application temperature control system can realize the accurate control of the temperature and improve the product quality and the qualification rate.


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