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What are the characteristics of energy-saving and environment-friendly medium frequency induction heating equipment?

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1. The mechanical part of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is controlled by a computer and a frequency converter to realize the soft start and stop, the work piece is rotated, and the work piece is operated forward. Has the characteristics of uniform heating, hardness and other properties.

2. the heating speed is high, the production efficiency is high, the PLC full-automatic intelligent control program of the man-machine interface, the heating parameters of the workpiece and the number of the heating workpieces are arranged, the data can be designed according to the different workpieces, the whole process is finished by itself, the production efficiency is high, the labor cost is low,

3. the medium-frequency induction heating device has less power consumption, adopts the technology of the new development of the high-pressure electro-mechanical device, the air-cooled power supply controls the complete induction heating system, the power supply can be used, the occupied area is small, the energy-saving ratio of the common power supply is more than 30 percent,

4. The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment conveying system uses the frequency converter to speed and operate the workpiece, can realize high-precision operation in a short time, can realize full automatic operation, and greatly improves the working efficiency.

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