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What equipment is used for heating aluminum rods?

Aluminum bar heating furnace is an induction heating equipment developed meticulously by technical improvement and upgrading according to the product market and user needs of Hebei Yuantuo. Compared with the electromagnetic induction heating equipment of the same grade, the aluminum rod heating furnace has a faster heating temperature, and the heating temperature of the heating furnace is faster than that of the same grade electromagnetic induction heating equipment. The operation scope is wide, the power saving ability is strong three remarkable characteristics.


The design of reinforced wide furnace body increases the heat resistance of the furnace body. The heating capacity of the furnace body of aluminum bar heating furnace is one of the largest of the same grade induction heating equipment, which greatly improves the production efficiency and temperature rise speed of the bar. The wear-resistant furnace body made of welding technology can effectively prolong the service life of the aluminum bar heating furnace.

The whole machine is equipped with the same industry and the same type of large advantage medium frequency power supply, which ensures the normal start-up of the aluminum rod heating furnace in winter or cold region, and the PLC console adopts advanced, current integrated liquid crystal display, fault diagnosis and storage technology. In addition, the excellent matching design and control ability of the system can be easily heated and cooled even for different workpieces. Aluminum bar reheating furnace added mechanism design to prevent misoperation: to prevent accidents caused by misoperation.

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