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What is the medium frequency induction quenching equipment, what are the characteristics?

Medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment is mainly composed of medium frequency power supply, quenching control equipment (including inductor) and quenching machine. Induction quenching is one of the main surface quenching methods in modern machine manufacturing industry. It has a series of advantages, such as good quality, high speed, low oxidation, low cost, good labor conditions and easy to realize mechanization, automation and so on. According to the size of the workpiece and the depth of the hardening layer to determine the appropriate power supply power and frequency (can be power frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency). The shape and size of the inductor depends mainly on the shape of the workpiece and the requirements of the quenching process. Quenching machines also vary with workpiece size, shape and quenching process requirements. Special machine tools are often used for parts produced in batches, especially in automatic production lines. In general, small factories, due to the large number of jobs, small quantity, more use of universal quenching machine.

The features of intermediate frequency induction quenching equipment are as follows:

1, the production operation is simple, the input and flow material is flexible, the automation degree is high, and the on-line production can be realized;

2, the workpiece has high heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high efficiency and good quality forgings;

3, workpiece heating length, speed, temperature and so on can be accurately controlled;

4, the workpiece heating even, core temperature difference is small, high control accuracy;

5, sensors can be carefully made according to customer requirements;

6, all-round energy saving optimization design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, lower production cost than coal burning;

7, accord with environmental protection requirements, small pollution, but also reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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