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Where can I sell the steel tube heating furnace?

In recent years, with the air pollution in China, the more serious, haze, Greenhouse Effect and other phenomena have seriously affected people’s travel and even jeopardized their health. In order to solve the problem of haze, our country develops the environmental protection industry vigorously, has carried on the regulation to some serious pollution enterprises. In response to the call of environmental protection, we have developed and produced an induction heat treatment furnace or steel tubes for heating treatment of steel pipes. According to the statistics of non-playing data, the quantity of industrial coal used in our country every year is considerable. If we can replace the traditional steel tube heating furnace with electric heating equipment of steel pipe, such as coke oven, coal burning furnace and so on, we can greatly improve the environmental problems of our country. Can also create a certain degree of greater economic benefits, social benefits!


Since 2017, many large iron and steel enterprises in China have started to use induction heating equipment instead of traditional heating equipment. In the autumn and winter seasons of 2017, we can obviously find that air quality has greatly improved compared with the air quality of 2017 in the previous two years. It has been proved that the electric induction heating furnace of steel pipe accords with the trend of historical progress and is the product of energy saving and environmental protection. Where can I sell the steel tube heating furnace? Is the user consultation more questions. Where can I sell induction heating equipment for steel pipes? Which manufacturer is good? Editor for you solemnly recommend Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical, as a senior induction heating equipment manufacturers, our company is relying on strong strength, excellent equipment, affordable prices, comprehensive service to create a fine brand.

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