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Where is the fire of the hot induction heating device?

induction heating furnace is one of the main equipments for heat treatment of metal workpieces at present. If someone asks what the hot metal heat treatment furnace is in the next heat treatment processing industry, needless to say, it is induction heating equipment. With the rapid development of industrial construction, the market demand for resources continues to increase, the style of induction heating equipment is more and more, since the market, induction heating equipment has become popular in the market, let’s learn about it together. Why is it so attractive?

In order to increase the aesthetic appearance of induction heating equipment, the frame of the equipment is made of domestic high-quality steel precision design and manufacture, and the compactness of the equipment is increased. The whole set of equipment adopts the structure design of mechatronics. At the same time, it can increase the efficiency of the equipment and bring new visual experience to the customers. Humanized design is safe and reliable, time-saving and labor-saving.

No matter what the equipment is, what the customer likes before buying or the working efficiency of the equipment, only the medium frequency furnace with high output can bring high returns to the customer, and the operation of the equipment is driven by the frequency converter. Installation of a frequency converter per shaft, single damage will not affect the operation of the entire set of induction heating equipment, processing reliability.

Induction heating equipment is a new system used in remote electromechanical system, while ensuring the same output, it also ensures the performance of the product. It is heated by electromagnetic principle, the temperature of metal workpiece is uniform, the surface does not produce oxide scale and decarbonization. Burn loss and so on phenomenon, bring the high profit to the customer, and far extension mechatronics as the direct sale type manufacturer, without the middleman to earn the difference, the induction heating equipment overall price is low, welcome to call the remote extension electromechanical induction equipment manufacturer service hotline to inquire for the price.


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