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Which brand is good for medium frequency induction heating furnace? Look, three point is enough.

Recently, more and more attention has been paid to environmental protection problems, and induction heating furnace used in metal heating treatment industry has been trusted by users. But in recent years a lot of domestic brand R & D technology is more and more mature, not only in the domestic world, in the international is also brilliant, then the problem, if induction heating furnace which brand is good?

When it comes to good brands, many users will immediately go to the Internet to search, what “all over the country excellent show enterprise rankings” metal heating equipment brand list “list. Wait for the version is very many, the user saw in addition to know a few more brands, the rest is still a fog, there is no way to start, then how to do it? The editor tells you, “hearing is false, seeing is believing”.


First, the strength of the strength is the facade of the brand of induction heating furnace manufacturers. On this point, users must spend more time investigating on the spot. It is not reliable to look at online information alone. No matter the size of a strong manufacturer, the management level of the production workshop must be scientific and reasonable, and the production technology must be advanced. Fully meet the needs of users, and are generally direct sales manufacturers, so there are no agents or middlemen, the general price will not be too high.

Second, the quality and quality of the induction furnace is the key to the medium frequency induction heating furnace. The induction furnace itself is the equipment used for heating treatment of metal workpieces such as aluminum bars, billets, rebar and so on. If the quality of the equipment is not good, the equipment will fail through the process. Not only will the maintenance cost increase, but also will affect the production schedule of the metal heating treatment plant to a certain extent.

Third, look at the service brand good metal induction heating furnace manufacturers service is relatively perfect, will have a professional perfect service system, provide pre-sale comprehensive guidance, free home installation and commissioning, and have a professional maintenance team, Always provide solutions and even come to the site to solve the problem of equipment use, everything is customer-first.

Hebei Yuantuo mechanical and electrical production metal induction heating furnace for nearly 20 years, whether it is the strength of technology, or brand reputation, has served customers are always praised.


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