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Supplier of Fully Automatic Intelligent Induction Heating System Solutions and Service

About Forever

Established in 2004, Forever is the technological innovation enterprise involved in induction heating field earlier in China. At present, Forever has the world leading computer core control technology, absorbed in providing customers with excellent solutions and service of induction heating system to make customer products more competitive.

Forever Team

Having rich experience and practice in equipment design, process, manufacturing and management, Forever has hardware and software senior engineers with decades of working experience in the field of induction heating. Familiar with the connotation of induction heating, combining the technology and equipment perfectly, we have independent intellectual property rights in the core technology and obtained a number of national invention patents and practical new-type patents.

Forever Product Positioning and Operation

● To provide customers with the best solutions and services of intelligent induction heating system. 

● In strict accordance with GB / T10067.3-2005 and GB / T5959.3-1998 national standard for product design and manufacturing, and always run under the control of ISO9002 quality system.

● To provide customers with high quality products and services is always our goal.

● Respect for customer value and focus on customer focus to meet customer individual demand.

● Continuous technology and service innovation to make customer’s products become more competitive.

Good Understanding of Forever

In 2008, Forever finished the first domestic mining grinding rod hardening and tempering line;

In 2009,Forever finished the first domestic 2500KW induction heating line for steel ball hot rolling;

In 2012,Forever finished the first domestic 4000KW induction heating line working with IF power supply and superaudio frequency for rebar hot rolling;

In 2014, Forever finished 7500KW induction heating production line for steel billet continuous casting and rolling temperature compensation;

In 2015, Forever finished 5500KW large power induction heating production line for ø100-120 steel ball hot rolling which is the first in China;

In 2009-2015, Forever finished many anchor bolt hardening and tempering line; the quantity and quality ranked first in China.