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20 years Industry engineer teaches you how to choose Induction heating Furnace

With Greenhouse Effect, capricious weather and natural disasters, people are finally beginning to realize the importance of environmental protection. Environmental protection requires everyone’s awareness of environmental protection. It is also necessary for enterprises to realize that it is wrong to blindly pursue economic benefits and choose to consume a great deal of natural resources and discharge pollutants. It also needs the macro-control of the state to curb the behavior of enterprises.


In the face of such a heavy task of energy conservation and emission reduction in the country, enterprises can only choose to start with induction reheating furnaces, which consume a great deal of energy and raw materials, and do not make full use of raw materials in the treatment of heat treatment technologies. Emissions are also crude emissions, is the main cause of environmental damage. Finally, to achieve compliance with the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction targets. The heat treatment furnace is an important tool in the heat treatment production process and the key to determine the quality of the heat treatment of the workpiece. Induction heating machine should be reasonably selected according to the requirements of the process and so on. Basic should meet the following five points:

(1) to meet the requirements of heat treatment process;

(2) to ensure the heat treatment quality of the workpiece,

(3) to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost,

(4) to ensure the service life and maintenance convenience,

(5) to save energy and reduce emissions and production safety.


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