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The development of billet heating equipment is remarkable

At present, the development of power frequency induction furnace to large capacity has been completely suspended, while the development of billet heating equipment is remarkable.Billet heating furnace has more advantages than power frequency induction furnace. It is suitable for smelting all kinds of cast iron, especially alloy cast iron and nodular cast iron. It has been widely used in cast iron production in recent years. The furnace has high output rate, energy saving and power saving, and has great flexibility in production. It is very beneficial to professional machine repair plants such as iron and steel metallurgy companies and other small batch production of single pieces. It has high degree of automation and double power supply and control system, which has the function of melting and heat preservation together, and the continuous work on the production of cast iron pipe is also very suitable, so it should have a good prospect.

electric heating furnace

1. The development of the steel billet heating equipment of the static frequency converter is benefit from the application of the static frequency converter, and the power of the frequency converter and the magnetic frequency converter is as high as 95% -98%. the melting rate of the induction furnace is changed with the change of the capacity of the furnace, the melting rate of the steel billet heating equipment is far higher than that of the power frequency induction furnace, And the production capacity of the cast iron is very favorable.

2.The electric power and the heat power of the steel billet heating equipment are high, the melting rate is improved, the melting time is shortened, and the power consumption of the steel billet heating equipment is correspondingly reduced.

3. The structure of the furnace body follows the continuous improvement of the power density of the steel billet heating equipment, and the requirements for the safe operation of the furnace, the service life of the furnace lining and the noise reduction are more and more high, the rationality of the structure of the furnace body is more and more important, and the heavy steel shell furnace has strong durability, High power, high production rate, low noise, and easy repair. The rational structure of the furnace body is very important, and the heavy-duty steel shell furnace is only one kind. Many manufacturers are working hard to improve the structure of the furnace body so as to adapt to the use and development of the steel billet heating equipment.

4. The production rate of the slag removal and repair furnace steel billet heating equipment is high, the melting period can be shortened to about 35 minutes, and in order to use the power of the furnace at a large limit, it is necessary to remove the slag as quickly as possible. In order to deal with this very time-consuming and heavy work, a method of tilting the furnace after a furnace is presented, that is, the slag is poured into the transport vehicle through a slot at the back of the top of the furnace body, which is both convenient and convenient. The post-furnace tilt angle is generally from 20 ° to 25 °. After the billet heating equipment is in service, it is necessary to remove and repair the furnace. In order to shorten the time of the furnace shutdown of the refractory lining, it is necessary to think about the mechanization, the vibration-building furnace and the lining roll-out machine are the primary accessories of the large-scale induction furnace. The furnace lining ejector can be pushed out before the refractory lining is completely cooled, thus further shortening the time for repairing the furnace and improving the working environment.


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