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3200KW screw steel rolling induction heating furnace

Screw rod heat treatment equipment Main technical parameters:

Power supply system: KGPS500KW-6000KW or IGBT500KW-IGBT2000KW.

Hourly production: 2.0-16 tons.

Sensor design: variable pitch, temperature gradient design, more efficient.

Elastic adjustable pressure roller: enables uniform feeding of round steel bars with different diameters. The roller tracks and pressure rollers between the furnace bodies are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

Infrared temperature measurement: An infrared temperature measurement device is installed at the discharge end to ensure that the temperature of the steel bar before entering the rolling mill is consistent.

▲ Energy conversion: Heating from 25 ° C to 36 ° C to 1000 ° C, consuming 260 ° C to 280 ° C.

Long bar heat treatment machine

Principle of induction heating: The relationship between the heating coil of induction heating and the heated object (metal) is similar to the relationship between the primary and secondary coils of a transformer. The magnetic field lines generated by high-frequency current passing through the heating coil are concentrated on the heated object, and vortex current is generated by electromagnetic induction to heat the heated object. At this time, selecting appropriate AC current frequency, power, heating time, holding time, coil shape, etc. based on the type and shape of the steel can achieve appropriate quality characteristics for various types of steel. Its thermal efficiency is 95%, and induction heating is to convert three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current after rectification, and then convert direct current into adjustable intermediate frequency current to supply the intermediate frequency alternating current flowing through the capacitor and induction coil. High density magnetic lines are generated in the induction coil, and the metal material contained in the induction coil is cut, resulting in large eddy currents in the metal material. The workpiece relies on the Joule heat of these currents to reach the expected temperature. If the cylinder is placed in the center of the coil, the temperature around the cylinder is the same, and harmful gas and strong light will not be generated during the heating of the cylinder. Due to the above advantages, induction heating has been widely promoted and used in various industries.

long bar heat treatment machine

Formula management function: A powerful formula management system that automatically calls up relevant parameters after inputting parameters such as the steel grade and diameter to be produced, eliminating the need to manually record, view, and input parameter values required for various workpieces.

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