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Aluminum induction heating equipment adopts medium frequency heating, which is one of the best heat permeable methods. Has been widely used in many uses of oil and gas and coal carbon heating in the field. Compared with the traditional fuel, coal combustion or other similar heating products, its characteristics are faster heating speed, higher efficiency and lower production cost, low thermal radiation, low labor intensity and no environmental pollution to ensure the health of the employees. It has the advantages of uniform temperature, low oxidation burn loss, high automation degree and high energy to ensure product quality and realize production on semi-automatic and fully automatic machine tools.

The aluminum heating furnace is specialized in producing aluminum heating furnace by Hengyuan mechanical and electrical manufacturer. Our aluminum heating furnace has a one-year after-sale service concept, equipment life-long maintenance, maintenance and technical transformation after being sold. Aluminum heating furnace low energy consumption, high heating rate, fast heating, master the core technology, quality assurance!

Buy aluminum heating furnace Hengyuan mechanical and electrical manufacturers, professional aluminum heating furnace manufacturers. According to the actual needs of customers tailor-made equipment, strict quality inspection system, careful production links, so that our equipment quality guarantee!

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