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Advantage of Induction Heating Equipment to Maximize Customer Benefits

In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial automation, punching machine, as a induction heating equipment , widely used in mechanical processing, and the traditional punching machine on the processing of workpiece feeding, the first is still relying on the artificial technology to place the processing parts on the punching machine, so as to constantly affect the speed of processing, and together cannot meet the needs of modern industry on the accuracy and quality of stamping parts. Therefore, in order to improve their competitiveness in the production industry, the increasing number of punch can start to use the special three-machine induction heating equipment and other punch peripheral automation equipment, together with the practice of purchasing induction heating equipment and other equipment to pay more attention to the efficiency of equipment to improve production efficiency.

billet heating machine

In the current production of all the recession and the increase in human capital, the increasing number of stamping customers will also automatically ask if there are open-booking, leveling, feeding function together with the equipment, and even some customers directly advocate the introduction of high-efficiency and energy-saving series of induction heating equipment. Facing the exuberance of the market demand, Hengyuan science and technology professional induction heating equipment manufacturers also add immediately high efficiency and energy-saving induction heating equipment R & D, production pace, have launched TNCF series three-in-one servo induction heating equipment, and needle on different customer needs, R & D equipment with medium, high, and simple three different equipment induction heating equipment, as well as three-in-one bias induction heating equipment and so on. The advantages of induction heating equipment can make the punching machine, shearing machine and other mechanical production equipment in the process of real to achieve high-efficiency, automatic production, save labor costs and various expenses in production, so that stamping customers in the process of practical processing to maximize the benefits, together to assist customers to the high-end production career. Practice has proved that in the induction heating equipment launched in a few years, more and more by the punch production professional customers like.


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