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Advantages, characteristics and Price manufacturers of Intermediate Frequency heating equipment

With the development of science and technology, most of the induction heating equipment is used for heat treatment of metal workpieces, and the electromagnetic principle is used for heating. Compared with the traditional metal heat treatment equipment, what are the advantages of this medium frequency heating equipment? The advantages, characteristics and price manufacturers of induction heating equipment are analyzed as follows:

First, induction heating equipment advantages

1, the cost is lower. Induction heating equipment can be equipped with closed cooling tower, no need to dig pool, and induction heating equipment cooling adopts bad use, the production is more energy-saving, which is beneficial to reduce the production cost of enterprises.

2, more environmentally friendly. Nowadays, the form of environmental protection is serious, and induction heating equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment which uses intermediate frequency current for heat treatment. Electric energy itself belongs to environmental protection energy, and it is not easy to produce waste gas, waste smoke and other pollution in the process of processing, so as to realize environmental protection production.

3, the environmental constraints are small. The whole medium frequency diothermic furnace has high adaptability and can be used in all kinds of bad production environment processing, which is suitable for a wide range of environments.

4, the processing quality is higher. Equipped with temperature closed-loop control system, far-infrared thermometer temperature measurement in real time, the system can automatically adjust the power supply to ensure the high quality of induction heating equipment machining workpiece.

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